The Pregnancy Weight Plan


Are you pregnant or trying to conceive? My friend, dietitian Melanie McGrice has written a must-read book ‘The Pregnancy Weight Plan’.

Research suggests that 74% of women struggle with their weight during pregnancy. Hormone fluctuations, increased appetite and fatigue are just some of the pressure that make it difficult for women to stay within a healthy weight range. The Pregnancy Weight Plan is your complete guide to maintaining a healthy weight leading up to, during and after pregnancy.

It includes:
- Tips and tricks for boosting your fertility
- Customised weight management plans for before, during and after pregnancy to maximise your and your baby’s health
- Advice on choosing the right foods for ultimate nutrition, and avoiding the wrong ones
- Safe and sensible exercise programs for gym junkies and non-exercisers alike
- Easy to follow 7 day meal plans
- Healthy and simple 30 minute recipes the whole family can enjoy

When you’re too tired to think about what to cook, this book will provide you with simple, nutritious and easy solutions.