Jammin' Jerk Trio

Native to Jamaica, Jerk is a spicy, smokey marinade that packs a punch! Created by a Jamaican-Australian, I love these authentic spice mixtures as they have nothing nasty added and are bursting with a range of beneficial phytonutrients found in spices.

Authentic Jerk marinades are made with a base of allspice (called "pimento" in Jamaica) and scotch bonnet peppers, which are then mixed with onions, thyme, garlic, ginger and cinnamon.

Traditionally applied to chicken or pork, modern recipes also apply Jerk to beef, lamb, fish, shellfish, tofu, vegetables, kangaroo and more!

This pack includes a fabulous trip of the original hot and mild marinade pastes, as well as the delicious sweet and spicy BBQ sauce. Yum!


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