The Dr Joanna Plate is a fabulous tool that you can apply to every meal, regardless of whether you are cooking at home or ordering from a menu.

Need help understanding what and how much to eat? Get Lean members get a personalised plate calculated for their precise energy needs.

Fill half your plate with mostly non-starchy vegies & a little fruit.  These provide volume and filling power for not many kilojoules, and they are packed with nutrients, fibre and phytochemicals our bodies need.  With a low energy density and high nutrient density, they are worthy of the biggest space. Vegies are the one food group where you can pretty much eat as much as you like!


Include a good serve of a protein-rich food such as seafood, meat, eggs, legumes, tofu or dairy. This will help you to manage your appetite and feel satisfied after meals.    Spreading your protein out over the day may also help you to achieve a healthy body composition; preserving or building lean muscle while burning body fat.


Add a modest portion of a smart carb such as a wholegrain, legume or starchy vegetable. These keep you fuller for longer, fuel your brain, give you energy to exercise & are fibre-rich for good gut health.   Smart carbs are essentially minimally processed carb-rich foods so they retain their nutrients, and are slowly absorbed (low GI). These are the kind of carbs that will help you to get lean and/or stay lean!


Gone are the days of fat phobia! We need good fats such as those found in nuts, seeds, avocado & extra virgin olive oil. What we don't need are highly processed modern fatty foods.    Good fats provide essential nutrients, are necessary for absorption of certain antioxidants, and just as importantly they provide taste, flavour and palatability to meals.