Are you looking to get and stay lean? The Get Lean app is the practical tool to plan your meals and change the way you eat for life!

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Get Lean is different to other weight loss programs. Get Lean is a lifestyle choice. It's not a quick fix and it does not offer outlandish and ridiculous promises which are unachievable.  By following Dr Joanna's scientific approach to eating and living, and by using the Get Lean app to plan your meals, you will quickly achieve results and learn the skills to eat differently for life.

For more information on how to use the app, check out the 'How To' video here.  We think you'll really like it!


The Get Lean app is free for all to try, but only Get Lean members are able to customise the App to help them reach their specific goals. By answering a number of specific questions Dr Joanna can calculate your energy needs and ensure you are on the correct Energy Level to lose body fat, maintain your current healthy weight, or even gain healthy weight (i.e. muscle).

This is translated into just the right amount of food for you - what we call your Daily Blocks. This means no kilojoule/calorie counting, no cutting entire food groups, and an eating plan that is not only evidence-based, but one that allows for individual preferences, special diets (including gluten-free and vegetarians) and above all a plan you can stick with for life.


With Get Lean you are in control and you decide what you would like to eat from within Dr Joanna's guidelines. This means that you can take into account your food preferences, allergies, intolerances, cultural and ethical considerations. You can choose from a bank of inspiring recipes or create your own meals by choosing from the list of recommended foods to fill each section of the Dr Joanna Plate.

Either way you can see at a glance your Daily Plate fill, see whether you have too many carbs in your day or not enough plant food. A high-protein, low-GI eating plan with portion control tailored to you, all in the palm of your hand. Healthy eating has never been easier!