The ALMA and ESLM Eating Plan

40min read

A guide for improving health and the environment in the modern world based on recent scientific findings relating to the body’s evolved reaction to certain foods. The plan is focused around a newly discovered form of inflammation (in the arteries and organs of the body) which can lead to long-term chronic disease like type 2 diabetes, heart disease and cancers.

Written by Garry Egger with Anja Sussmann, Sebely Pal, Joanna McMillan and Shivaun Conn. A workbook of The Australian Lifestyle Medicine Association.

"Garry Egger and his colleagues have clearly and convincingly given us even more reasons to move our diets towards whole, less processed foods. The inflammation story is still unfolding but this book brings you right up to date with the many physiological and pathological battlegrounds where the pro and anti-inflammatory forces are fighting it out and role that diet plays on both sides – which is plenty. A compelling story of diet and health." Professor Boyd Swinburn; University of Auckland and WHO advisor on obesity.


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