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If you are confused over what, when and how much to drink you are not alone. We are bombarded with almost as many choices on the drinks menu, as we are with food.

Equally the health messages surrounding drinks are often contradictory or based on heresy rather than science. How much water do we need to drink? Are juices a healthy option? Is my diet soft drink all that bad? Should I cut out coffee? Can green tea can help me to lose weight?

It’s a confusing world. So the aim of this eBook is to clear up the myths and misconceptions and provide you with clear guidelines as to how to stay hydrated, and include the drinks that may provide additional health benefits. This eBook is free to Get Lean members. Monthly members can add one eBook a month, while yearly can add all the free eBooks at their leisure. Once selected your eBooks will appear in the My Resources section of your dashboard.


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