Native Australian Super Fruit to Help Fight Winter Cold and Flu
Native Australian Super Fruit to Help Fight Winter Cold and Flu

Oranges, berries, and broccoli are all high in vitamin C and are well known to help fight colds and flu. But now as winter approaches, a native Australian super-fruit is available that has been shown to have up to 100 times the vitamin C of an orange.

 The Kakadu plum, or gubinge, is a pale olive-shaped fruit that has been wild harvested by Indigenous people in the Northern Territory and Western Australia for centuries where it has been used as a traditional food and medicine.

Melbourne-based founder of Kakadu Plum Co., Tahlia Mandie, said this amazing fruit was considered a ‘gift of the Dreamtime by Aboriginal people’ and a true Australian whole-food superfood.

“Our Kakadu Plum Powder is nothing but the fruit milled into a powder, so it’s easily added to smoothies, juices and breakfast bowls to give you a natural and super vitamin C boost to keep the winter cold and flu away,” Tahlia said.

The fruit also contains Vitamin E and is high in dietary fibre.

Researchers from Western Australia’s Edith Cowan University have found that the Kakadu Plum will help fight colds and flu. Their research shows that foods and supplements with high levels of vitamin C have strong antioxidant powers that may help prevent the common cold and flu.

Tahlia said her company’s Kakadu plum powder was wild-harvested by an Indigenous community in the Kimberly Region. 

“For many years, non Indigenous people have been unaware of the value and magic of native Indigenous bush food and we want to change that. Anything that grows in your own backyard has got to be better for you.” she said.

Tahlia said she was personally along with her company committed to creating a greater working ecosystem for Aboriginal families and communities that often lack funds and resources to sustain the growing demand.

“In addition to our commitment to the Aboriginal communities, Kakadu Plum Co. also supports the Australian Native Food Industry,” Tahlia said.

Kakadu plum powder is currently available nationally online, and in a growing number of health food stores in Victoria, Queensland, South Australia and the Northern Territory.