Meet Tahlia Mandie Founder of Kakadu Plum Co.
Meet Tahlia Mandie Founder of Kakadu Plum Co.
How did you discover kakadu plums and create a business using them?
I saw more and more people, myself included, going crazy over superfoods and yet, I couldn’t find anything that was Australian. Everyone was buying products from other countries, and so I asked myself whether or not we had an Australian superfood. I knew instinctively about bush tucker foods and its amazing medicinal properties. I discovered the Kakadu Plums and knew the everyday Australian (and the world) needed to know about them. I put connections in place, found our supplier, packaged the powder up and Kakadu Plum Co. was born.

I love that your product comes from plums being harvested as they have always been done by the local Aboriginal communities. Tell us about that.
We are connected to a community in Western Australia called Twin Lakes.
Managed by Bruno Dunn and his partner Marion, they have been harvesting the traditional bush fruit for many years. Bruno was part of the stolen generation. No one could keep him away from his traditional land and wilderness heritage. Bruno and Marion have developed cultural tours and workshop, teaching the ways of the traditional Nyul Nyul people while similarly promoting land care and management. The picking season goes from December to March, depending upon the weather. Most of the pickers and harvesters get paid per kilo, so come Kakadu Plum season, everyone gets out on the land and picks. It is a project of sustainability and stability for the Aboriginal people. 
For one specific community in the Northern Territory, the harvest period of collecting about six tonnes of fruit can inject over $60,000 back into the community. The demand is high and strong, growing rapidly every month, however the inconsistency of supply from remote areas has long been the industry’s biggest challenge to meeting the demand.
Without the purchasing and demand for Kakadu Plum, the community can not pay the pickers and continue to grow their project. It is continuous linked powerful circle. 
Are kakadu plums only found in Australia? 
Yes, Kakadu Plum is a native Australian bush food. It thrives in the bush on the most remote areas where the land is dry and hot. It truly is incredible.

What’s so special about kakadu plums?
The Kakadu Plum is known to have the highest source of natural vitamin C in the world, up to 100 times more vitamin C to oranges. It is incredibly high in antioxidants and medicinal properties. The Aboriginal people used to eat the Kakadu Plum for its medicinal properties and even use it on their skin to treat rashes and other skin conditions. There is more and more research going into the Kakadu Plum, where Australian researchers even believe that the Kakadu Plum could be one of the most powerful treatments for Alzheimer’s disease. It just keeps getting better and better. It really is our little magic ‘plumpower’.

What is the process to create the powder? Do we need to worry about the quality of different kakadu plum products, specifically are any nutrients lost in processing?
Our plums are the wholef ruit milled into a powder. They come frozen from Western Australia, sorted and then dehydrated at 40 degrees before being milled. At 40 degrees it is still considered a raw product, reducing the loss of nutrients. Our powder contains 108 mg of natural vitamin C per serve (3g). This is 180% of your daily vitamin C intake. Compared to many synthetic products on the market, this is a true whole food with nothing in it but Kakadu Plum.
How can we use the powder and how much do we need to consume to benefit?
Kakadu Plum Powder is best enjoyed in smoothies, juices or cereal bowls. You can roll protein balls in it, use it in salad dressing or on top of salad. People are even sprinkling Kakadu Plum Powder over their muffins or frosted cakes. You are only limited by your creativity. For a list of recipes and inspiration you can see our website or follow on Instagram @kakaduplumco

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