Marlani Talk Show
April 02, 2020
Marlani Talk Show
Marlani is the podcast from Marlon Woods and Alani Mala. What's it about? They say...

"From interracial to interstellar, from The Migos to Mussolini, the M A R L A N I Talk Show Podcast aims to swing the pendulum and talk about all the hard stuff that everyone is thinking but no one is saying. Whether it’s a social, political, or justice issue, personal, professional, or pretend, music, sports, or love, it will all come to the table sooner or later."

Listen in to our chat on all things nutrition - possibly the most fun podcast I've done to date :) Good one to throw to your headphones on your daily walk. 

Check out more from the boys on the Marlani podcast on Spotify, Apple podcasts or their website Marlani