Get Winter Ready With A Natural Australian Bush Superfood
May 13, 2017
Get Winter Ready With A Natural Australian Bush Superfood

Oranges, kale, and broccoli are all high in vitamin C and are well known to help fight colds and flu. But now as the warmer days subside and the cooler winter days approach us, a native Australian super-fruit is available that has been shown to have up to 100 times the vitamin C of an orange.
The Kakadu plum, or Gubinge as it is traditionally known as in Western Australian, is a pale olive-shaped fruit that has been wild harvested by Indigenous people in the Top End of Australia for centuries where it has been used as a traditional food and medicine for over 50,000 years.
Melbourne-based founder of Kakadu Plum Co., Tahlia Mandie, created her company eighteen months ago after seeing a trend for international superfoods. Mandie says:

“The trend for healthy and natural products is undeniable. We are blessed to have some of the most amazing foods and superfoods grown in our own backyard, and the Kakadu Plum is just one of these” 

The Kakadu Plum is considered a ‘gift of the Dreamtime by Aboriginal people’ and a true Australian whole-food superfood. Kakadu Plum Powder is proving popular with many everyday Australians, chefs and café owners as a popular ingredient to add to breakfast bowls, smoothies and juices, all easy ways to help give a natural and super vitamin C boost to keep the winter cold and flu away.

Vitamin C is a vitamin that our body does not produce and thus we need to obtain it from our diet. Not only is it necessarily for a strong immune system to fight colds and flues, but is needed for the growth and repair of tissues in our body. It similarly helps the body make collagen and is needed for healing wounds and for maintaining the health of our bones. Mandie says:

“It is my vision to create a movement and appreciation for our Indigenous culture, foods and tradition and see more Kakadu Plum smoothie bowls on café menus over other varieties. Everything we do is about celebrating and honoring our traditional people”

Kakadu Plum Co. now also has Lemon Myrtle with Kakadu Plum in their product range with Wattleseed soon being released. More products, all celebrating Indigenous bush foods are in the pipeline.

Kakadu Plum Powder RRP is $27.95 and can be purchased from the Dr Joanna Shop (Get Lean members get their discount) or at a number of health food stores across Australia.

About Tahlia Mandie

Tahlia started her working life as a psychotherapist but soon pivoted to tech founder. After building up her tech company for over 18 months, she decided to close her business.  Still wanting to pursue her creative side, Tahlia gravitated towards health superfoods and found herself asking if Australia had it’s own native superfood. Knowing instinctively about bush tucker, she came across the Kakadu Plum, launched Kakadu Plum Co. and is making it her mission to put Kakadu Plum on the plates of everyday Australians and the world. Tahlia’s mission is to not only help the Australian Aboriginal communities, but the Australian native food industry as a whole. 

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