Foodbank Hunger report
Foodbank Hunger report


·           Food insecurity in Australia continues to worsen with demand for food relief now outpacing supply

·           Two million Australians seek food relief at some point during the year

·           There has been a 8% increase in the number of Australians needing food relief this year

·           One quarter of those impacted in NSW are children

·           NSW Premier Mike Baird formally thanked for the State Government’s contribution to Foodbank NSW/ACT at Big Breakfast event in Martin Place


Sydney, Thursday, 16 October 2014: To coincide with Anti-Poverty Week and World Food Day, Foodbank NSW/ACT today hosted a fundraising Big Breakfast in Martin Place to launch the annual Foodbank Hunger Report.  NSW Premier Mike Baird attended the event in a signal of the State Government’s support to Foodbank NSW/ACT. Dr Joanna has lent her support as an ambassador for Foodbank and facilitated a healthy breakfast session with local Sydney school kids.

Image: Dr Joanna with local school kids learning the Dr Joanna Kids Plate

Now in its third year, the Foodbank Hunger Report provides an overview of the serious hidden problem of food insecurity in Australia. This year’s report reveals a hunger problem facing the nation, with 516,000 Australians relying on Foodbank’s food relief services each month, increasing 8% since last year.

The Report reveals every month 516,000 Aussies rely on Foodbank’s food relief services.  In NSW alone, this figure is almost 91,000.  Sixty eight per cent of welfare agencies in NSW don’t have enough food to meet supply and 6,500 of those seeking food relief in NSW each month are unable to be assisted.

Foodbank NSW/ACT CEO, Gerry Andersen, commented on the causes behind the alarming statistics: “The most common reasons why people seek food relief are generally low income and unexpected expenses. Too many Australian families are simply struggling to put food on the table.”

Andersen went on to describe the role Foodbank plays in the NSW and ACT communities: “As Australia’s largest hunger relief charity, Foodbank is the only relief organisation with the scale to tackle this growing problem.  Foodbank NSW/ACT acts as the pantry to 433 front line charities who provide relief to the community.  Foodbank provides 58% of the food needed to these agencies by delivering 5.06 million kilograms of food in 2013/14 – or, a whopping 48,516 meals a day”.

To cope with increasing demand, Foodbank NSW/ACT is building a new distribution centre in Western Sydney that will allow the charity to rescue up to 12 million more kilograms of food each year – a substantial milestone in fighting food insecurity in NSW and ACT.

At the Big Breakfast event, Andersen formally thanked NSW Premier Mike Baird for the State Government’s $2million contribution to the new distribution centre: “This major milestone in Foodbank NSW/ACT’s history was only made possible by the $2million donation from the NSW Government”.

Image: NSW Premier Mike Baird

NSW Premier Mike Baird says he’s a big supporter of the work Foodbank does for those in need. He said:

“Foodbank play a vital role in delivering food to needy people, and also in ensuring good, nutritious food does not get wasted,” 

“The NSW Government is proud to play a part in initiatives which keep people from going to bed hungry.”

In addition to launching the Foodbank Hunger Report, The Big Breakfast event in Martin Place today aimed to drive donations and highlight the growing demand for breakfast staples.  By collaborating with various food suppliers, Foodbank NSW/ACT produces food staples at lower prices. This means that for just $2, Foodbank can provide five healthy and nutritious breakfasts. 

Organisations and workplaces are encouraged to host their own Big Breakfast fundraising events and can register online at

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