ESK Skin Care Review
ESK Skin Care Review
I have to admit to being a bit slap dash with my skincare routine. I use whatever is in my bathroom cabinet, jump between brands and up until now I really haven’t had a dedicated routine.
Now that I am 47, I confess to thinking about it a bit more, but then confusion sets in. If there is confusion over dietary advice, oh my goodness start looking at skincare! As a result, my eyes glaze over and I go back to my haphazard approach with whatever product is to hand.
Then I got chatting with my colleague Dr Ginni Mansberg at a social event organised by our mutual management team, The Lifestyle Suite. I’ve known Dr Ginni for many years and I was vaguely aware that she had launched a skincare range, but I hadn’t looked into it any further. After our chat I realised that she, along with her husband, had done something quite brilliant.
This was actually a skincare range that was based on evidence, not pseudo-science with made up chemical names to make it sound fancier (with a price tag to match). Plus, she promised me it would be easy to use and most importantly quick. I am not the kind of person who will spend 30 minutes just getting my skin prepped for bed. It seemed like something that just might work for me.
So, the last couple of months I have committed to using their skincare range, called ESK (Evidence Skin Care). Here is what I liked:
  • There was no BS over needing a gazillion different creams, lotions and gels. I answered a quick quiz and the result was a recommendation of my products to use in the morning and those at night.
  • The products were numbered – so I didn’t have to remember what order to use them – and labelled as AM or PM. Easy!

Your products would be different, but here was what was recommended for me:

1. The product labelled 1 AM/PM was the cleanser and, you guessed it, the same one for morning and night.  

2. Number 2 was a serum to use in the morning. Plus, because I had stated pigmentation was an issue for me, one additional product labelled L (lightener) was added to my morning routine.
3. Number 3 was my day moisturiser and was for day use because it also combined with a high SPF to protect my skin from the damaging effects of too much sun. Even I know that is arguably the most important part of anti-aging skin care.
4. Number 4 was a serum for evening use, designed to exfoliate and encourage new cell turnover.
5. Finally, number 5 was my night moisturiser rich in vitamin A – a proven ingredient to help repair and rejuvenate skin. This is a richer cream than my day moisturiser and minus the SPF for night-time.
So, how have I got on? I promised in agreeing to test the products that I would be truthful in my review… and I will be.
I hand on heart have loved it and pretty sure my skin does too. Something as simple as numbered products has made a world of difference. I don’t have to remember what I am supposed to do – I open my bathroom cabinet and there they are lined up on order so I can use without too much thought. I reckon this is the longest I have ever gone with using the same products and sticking to a routine… and I do understand that to get results that is what you have to do.
My only slight complaint early on was slight irritation (itching) of my skin in the evening using the 5+ cream (thrown in as a sample so I thought I would try - a plus had to be even more effective right?!), which is essentially a more concentrated version of the 5. I was just a little too much vitamin A for skin that wasn’t used to it. I backed up to the 5 and the problem went away. 
I am admittedly a little biased as I know Ginni personally, but if I thought her products were rubbish, I would tell her and not publish this review! Check out the site for yourself, do the quiz to see what products would be right for you and read the information before spending.
Dr Ginni is onto a good thing I reckon and after two months of use, I can see a difference in my skin. Finally, evidence-based skin care that actually works. Nice work team ESK.