Building Better Bones
Building Better Bones
By Dr Belinda Beck, The Bone Clinic

What is osteoporosis?
Osteoporosis, as the name suggests, is a condition of porous and weakened bones.   It makes people more susceptible to fracture from minor injuries and those fractures can greatly reduce quality of life and longevity.  They also place a very large strain on tax payer hip pockets.  Just one hip fracture costs roughly $16,000 in direct costs!
Osteoporosis and osteopenia currently affects over 66% of adults over 50, so it is predicted that over the next 10 years, costs will reach $33.6 billion.
We lose bone as we age, but some people are particularly susceptible, both for reasons they can’t control (genes), and ones they can, such as insufficient calcium, vitamin D and exercise.

Fighting the bone health battle
For years, osteoporosis has been considered to be quite a challenging disease to manage.  Drugs have been the primary accepted therapy and, while effectively improving bone mass for some, side effects can be unpleasant and they don’t prevent falls (which are the main reason people with osteoporosis fracture).  The great news is that recently a very large step forward has been made in what is known about the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis.  Whereas exercise has previously been considered to be of only moderate benefit, new research has discovered a very effective ‘recipe’ of exercise for bone.
There is a common misconception that traditional "safe" exercises for older Australians such as walking, swimming and yoga will improve bone health… but the research proves that while they may be good for cardiovascular and metabolic health they really don’t do much for your bones!  Exercise for bone must be higher intensity, and therefore requires close supervision.

"There is a common misconception that traditional "safe" exercises such as walking, swimming and yoga will improve bone health… but they really don’t do much for your bones"

The Bone Clinic was established in order to offer women and men the targeted supervised research-based exercise program, along with dietary advice and bone scans to track progress, to reverse the effects of osteoporosis.  As a dedicated research facility, the effects of the exercise program are periodically measured so clients have a clear idea if it is working for them.

Three ways to build better bones include:

1.       Engage in exercise specifically targeted to bone

2.       Optimise your daily dietary calcium; dairy is the best source

3.       Increase your vitamin D with safe sun exposure

Reversing osteoporosis is possible
The Bone Clinic in Brisbane has now been open for 1 year and is beginning to see the results of their exercise program.  Clients are consistently gaining substantial amounts of bone, to the extent that some have actually reversed their diagnosis of osteoporosis – in effect breaking ‘world-records’ in bone growth and avoiding prescription medication along the way.  Medication and exercise are not mutually exclusive though, so if you are on osteoporosis medication, you can still undertake the bone-targeted exercise.  In fact the combination may be even more effective.
The Clinic has also launched an online program that can be undertaken unsupervised, with a level of monitoring by a professional team of experts. 
Onero Online is the world’s first monitored online fracture prevention program.  The program includes consultations with The Bone Clinic practitioners and provides access to technical clinics, webinars, and high calcium meal plans.
For more information about exercising your bones visit  or try at free class at The Bone Clinic in Coorparoo, Qld on Fridays 12-1pm, call to register (07) 3391 5510